This isn’t sugar Diego!

I forgot to say that Formation Soccer Human Cup ’92 (I’ll call it Formation Soccer ’92) can also be extracted into a standalone HuCard game. Fine Shot Golf, on the other hand, can not undergo the same punishment as it seems to be a real CD game (at least it is playing CD music).

Just like Final Match Tennis Ladiers, the extracted ROM for Formation Soccer 92 suffers from incorrect CPU speed mode and buggy soft reset. This times the symptoms are more brutal.
The screen is glitchy and the game crashs.

The fixes are the same. Change a CLA/STA in the RESET by a CSH/STZ, and change the jump address in the soft reset handler.
title screen0001

Note that the game is stored from 0x221000 to 0x261000 (excluded) in the 2nd track, just after Final Match Tennis Ladies.

Talking about Final Match Tennis Ladies, the patch is now available on RHDN. The one for Formation Soccer ’92 was submitted. Anyway, you can find it here :

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