The last man on Earth sat alone in a room…

This is what is supposed to be the shortest post on this blog.
Remember last post where I used __builtin_ctz to compute GCD? Well… Here’s a way to compute the log2 of an integer using another gcc builtin. Let me introduce __builtin_clz. clz stands for count leading zeroes. So this wonderful thing counts 0 bits starting from the most significant bit. Please note that the result is undefined for 0.

inline uint32_t ilog2(uint32_t i)
	return (32-__builtin_clz(i));

Check the section 5.49 of GCC doc for more builtins.

By the way the title of this post comes from a short novel by Fredric Brown called Knock.

Alice in GitHub

Some of the stuffs I posted here are now on [GitHub]. Namely, the and the [ips patcher]. Feel free to clone them 🙂
I’m taking a little break from OpenGL stuffs and the pcengine tracker. To relax I’m working on Marchen Maze translation. I’m nearly done with the introduction. I’m currently working on the insertion software. But I need to find someone to translate the script… Anyway you can check my progress on [pcedev].

And for more useless stuffs you can check my [twitter page].