Malevitch can’t code!

Some months ago, Iq asked on Pouet bbs if anyone had some tip and tricks on creating a minimal glx framework.
Viznut answered that he managed to have open a window and refresh a framebuffer in 300 bytes using kernel syscalls.
So I jumped on the bandwagon and decided to code my own minimal X client using raw X11 protocol.
Here’s my miserable attempt. Looking at xcb and Xlib code helped a lot. Unfortunately it failed on half of the boxes where it was tested because of authentication.
Kernel_error tried to add it but he said it’s a pain in the harp.
Oh by the way, it’ll crash on x64… Here’s small article in french about the different syscall conventions. And you’ll surely understand why it’ll crash 🙂

Lights out!

After spending hours playing Primrose, I decided to code a little board game using GGI during a week-end. I don’t remember how but I ended on the Lights Out wikipedia page.

The gameplay is quite simple. You have a 5×5 board with tiles randomly switched on. Well not really randomly because it’s frustrating to have an unsolvable board ;). Your goal is to switch all the tiles off by pressing them. The problem is that when you press a tile, the four adjacent tiles are toggled on or off (see it as an xor).

And voila! It’s a very basic implementation. It features simple graphics, no text nor title screen…