Attack of the giant snake!

Giant evil snake I’m currently playing with python and gtk. I’m trying to do a homemade package creator. The interface was made with glade, the gtk/gnome interface builder. It’s pretty easy to use. I managed to make a decent interface in about 5 minutes and here’s the result :

Pak interface

Unfortunately, glade can only generate C/C++ code. I searched the web for some way to create python code from glade files and i found something called Kefir.
All i had to do was to call :


And all the interface code was generated. I now “only” need to code the core of the application. If you want to create pygtk applications under windows, you’ll need to install :

  • Glade and gtk (Gaim users please take care before installing gtk 2.8.x. You won’t be able to connect)
  • PyGtk
  • Python 🙂

I tried Py2exe in order to create an executable out of the python source. I created some basic setup file (mostly ripped from Py2exe documentation and this tutorial). Then i typed :

python py2exe

Shazam! A directory containing all the required dlls and files was created.

Next step : start coding !

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