Raytracing beeps

I quickly wrote some basic polygonal mesh raytracer in order to test some space partitioning algorithm like KD-trees or BIH. I’m actually using the maneki neko from this repository. It’s not really big compared to stanford bunny or happy buddha. As i don’t need any lighting, i decided to use point normal as color. Here’s the result :

Maneki Neko (small)

It took 25 minutes to render this image on my amd64 3500+. The model contains 62385 points and 124677 triangles. Not that much… But it’s brute force raytracing for the moment.
I also discovered that XYZ-RGB is offering free texture materials. Maybe i should use them for the displacement map.

On the 8bit side, the pcengine tracker is going well. The instrument routines may be finished next week. Next step is note/pattern handling.

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