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Edit: The version listed in this post is buggy. Please consider using version 0.02 [link] or the current development version [link] instead.

Today I wanted to try the translation of Metal Max Returns. This game looks really cool. As I’m super lazy, I ran the windows version of snes9x through wine. I haven’t tested the 64bit version yet. I realized that there’s no IPS patcher under linux. So once again I had to run a win32 IPS patcher (arkana ips) using wine.

I was wondering where there wasn’t any IPS patcher under linux… Maybe the IPS format is a real mess. In fact it’s the total opposite. It’s really simple.

I coded my own patcher in less than 2 hours (including testing). Here’s the quick non-documented code :

Here’s how you use it :
Usage : ips-patch ipsfile inputrom [outputrom]
ipsfile is the filename of the IPS patch to apply.
inputrom is the filename of the rom to patch.
outputrom is the filename of the patched rom. It’s an optional argument. If you don’t specify it, the input rom will be saved in inputrom.sav and then overwritten.

I’ll try to add some GUI later if I have enough motivation 🙂

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  1. Awesome! I can’t thank you enough for releasing that simple little source code! I’ve been hunting for months now for an IPS patcher for Linux and only found some crappy Java versions that didn’t work completely. (For example, not all of the tiles would be converted yet the game, Pokemon Liquid Crystal, would otherwise play.) Now I’ve got an automateable way to patch under Linux, so I can make myself a bash script to both patch and launch the game in VBA-M. Maybe later I’ll even add some wget to grab the latest version of the patch every time I play. 😉
    Once again, thank you very much! I hope you know that this made my whole day (and likely weekend, too)! You’re AWESOME!

  2. Thanks! Glad this old piece of code helped 🙂
    If you have any request/complain, feel free to fill an angry bug report here: https://github.com/BlockoS/ips-patcher

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