IPS delivery (part 3)

Happy new year!

Just after Christmas, Tomaitheous released Bubblegum Crash patch. Yeepee!

As it’s an IPS patch, I tried to patch the rom with the wonderful ips patcher. Unfortunately, it was unable to patch it. I had a nice “Record offset is out of file bound.” error.
All was IPSProcessRecord function fault. First, I considered the file offset to be out of bound if it was superior or equal to the file size. But if you are appending data to a file, the offset is equal to the file size. Second, I never updated the patched file size. So If we keep appending data to a rom, the bound test will fail.

Anyway! Everything is fixed now. And I was able to successfully apply the patch. So go grab the latest version here:

And as usual, feel free to contact me or leave a comment if you have any request or problem.

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  1. …Annnd I just read this and now I feel terribly embarrassed. Please dismiss all the non-cool parts of my other comment!

  2. Another noob question: I already installed the first version. Can I just install this new version the same way just as things are, or will there be some sort of conflict between the two versions?

    (I am a total newbie to this. Yours is the first program I’ve ever compiled [done the whole thing with “make”, and so on].)

  3. I just went ahead and installed the new version. It all worked out well.

    I’ll leave you alone now. D:

  4. Cool! I’ll update the previous posts and put add a link to the latest version.
    Anyway, don’t hesitate to report any issue by leaving a comment here or filling an angry bug report on the github page: https://github.com/BlockoS/ips-patcher/issues

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